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The Benefits of Using Glass Bottles
2018-09-06 10:56:16   Reading volume:127

Glass food and beverage containers and many products, the use of a wide range of glass is also a very historical packaging materials. In the case of a wide variety of packaging materials into the market, the Glass Bottle in the beverage packaging still has an important position, and that it has no substitute other packaging materials packaging characteristics inseparable.

Our company engaged in the surface design and manufacturing of cosmetic containers more than 10 years with experience in developing and utilizing glass surface treatment

The main features of glass containers are: non-toxic, tasteless; transparent, beautiful, good barrier, airtight, rich in raw materials generally, low price, and can be repeated use of working capital. And with heat and pressure, the advantages of wash-resistant, high-temperature sterilization can also be cryopreservation.

It is precisely because it has many advantages, thus becoming beer, tea, jujube juice beverage of choice of many packaging materials. 71% of global beer bottling beer in glass bottles, while China is the world's highest proportion of glass beer bottles countries use, accounting for 55% of global glass beer bottles each year has more than 50 billion, glass beer bottles as beer packaging mainstream packaging, after a century of vicissitudes beer packaging, still it is a stable material structure, non-polluting and low price by the beer industry's favor, "when companies want to have a beautiful appearance package, at the same time give people the cold when the touch, the glass bottle is the preferred package. overall, high-grade glass bottle glass beer companies are still the usual package. "beer packaging has made tremendous contributions, most people like to use it.

Sugar, salt, vegetable oil are our common life to food, here to tell you about the benefits of using glass bottles stored.

We buy vegetable oil mostly plastic barrels, vegetable oil can be bought small glass bottle with a ceramic storage containers or dark color. Before Sheng oil containers should be washed, dried, after oil loading tightly capped, then stored in a dry place, in order to reduce the chance of oil in contact with air, light, high temperatures.

Salt should be stored in a clean glass jar. Sugar is highly hygroscopic, very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

The best way is to store sugar in glass or pottery, and must be stamped with seals.

According to reports: "Plastic drums of cooking oil, cooking oil will dissolve harmful plasticizers" foreign animal studies showed that plasticizers can cause reduced survival of animals, weight loss, liver and kidney function decline , reduction of red blood cells in blood, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity. China's food industry should be vigorously promoted to reduce the use of plastic containers, especially plastic products should avoid direct contact with all kinds of food to prevent contamination of the food plasticizer, such as cooking oil is best to use glass bottles, bottled or canned for the should.